Simple Skin Care with Coconut Oil

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 Coconut oil is a really wonderful item that probably lives in everyone's pantry.  It's great for cooking, but also can be used in some great beauty products.  In the simplest form, you can use it as a lotion or a cleanser.  Today I thought you might like a couple of super simple recipes that you can do in your kitchen and with ingredients you already own.

There is already a boatload of information about coconut oil and all the terrific health benefits.  I don't need to go into any of that, because you smart people can use google to find way more info than I can share :)

I use coconut oil in many of the products we make here at Corn Creek Fiber headquarters.  I have found that in some cases it can dry you out more than moisturize, so you'll just have to see what your body likes.  Because it melts at body temperature, it is a great addition to other harder butters, like cocoa butter or shea butter.

Lets get on with the recipes, shall we :)

First up is Facial Cleanser


I can't really call this a recipe.  But if you are just starting out, it will help build confidence and hopefully inspire you to try more complicated things.  And, who says you have to have 5000 ingredients to make a great product, right?  I'll add measurements to make it seem like a real recipe :)

Facial Cleanser

1/4 cup coconut oil


10 drops essential oil (adjust more or less for your own tastes)

Mix it all up.  When you're ready to use it, just smear it across your face and neck and wipe off with a tissue or cotton ball (maybe a couple, depending on how much cleanser you use).  You don't need much or you'll have a very greasy face.

What's that?  What kind of essential oil? Oh, I'm glad you asked.  You can use almost any essential oil that you like.  Just do your research before hand.  Some of the citrusy oils are not supposed to be exposed to sunlight, others may have a bit of heat to them that you wouldn't want on your face.  Try starting with one you like, because you'll probably be smelling it all day.  I flip between a few different oils. 

Frankincense has excellent properties for the skin.  It can be pretty expensive, so I might only add a drop or two in the cleanser and use more in a face lotion.

My current batch has lavender.  I just love lavender and I use this cleanser at night so it can help me relax and have sweet dreams.

I often use an immunity blend.  I think (no proof) that it helps prevent breakouts and makes me feel good about my immune system.  Mostly, I like how it smells.  The one I use has clove oil and can be warm. So if you do this, see how your skin reacts before by using a small amount on your arm or something. 


The next one is Oil Pulling. 

Have you done it?  Have you heard of it?  If not, here is a link that describes the greatness of oil pulling.

This recipe may look familiar

1/4 cup coconut oil

10-15 drop essential oil

Since this one goes in your mouth, try oils that taste good.  My go-to is 80% peppermint oil and 20% melaleuca oil.  Although melaleuca doesn't have the most wonderful taste, it is good for killing bacteria.  I figure if the oil doesn't grab it, the melaleuca will still kill anything bad.

Once mixed, spoon little drops onto wax paper and chill or freeze.  This makes little, perfectly sized drops for use.  Once chilled, store in an air tight container.

Bonus Lotion - 

I hadn't planned this one, but since you have the whole thing down...

Make the facial cleanser.  Use it as a body lotion (don't wipe it off).

Skin care with good ingredients is so great for your body.  You can see from the simplicity of these items, you don't need fancy stuff or chemicals to be soft and smell good.  Plus, you have control over what goes on your body, based on what you like, not what some big company thinks you'll like.

Have fun and play. 

Embrace the Mistakes ~ Joelle

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