Still more socks!

Ugh, thanks for letting me share the blog from last week.  I had to let that go :):)

Now lets get back to fun things...How about a sock pattern?

I have never made a pattern before so let me know if this works for y'all.  I do think they turned out cute. What do you think?

This pattern is a simple 6 stitch, 4 row mock cable stitch.  I really like the stretchiness and look of the cross stitch mock cable.  Here is a video demonstration of the cable pattern -

Here is the pattern - 

Judy's magic cast on for toe up socks -

Cast on 16 and increase to a variable of 6.  I used a DK yarn, size 3 needles and increased for a total of 48 stitches.

The pattern repeats every 6 stitches.  For the foot, knit the bottom of the foot (24 stitches) then start the pattern for the top. 

Always knit the bottom of the foot and do the pattern for the top.

Cross Stitch Mock Cable Pattern-

P1, K4, P1 - repeat to end of round

P1, K4 with a double wrap, P1 - repeat to end of round

P1, slip the 4 knit stitches, pass the first two stitches over the top of the other two, then knit the 4 stitches, P1 - repeat to end of round

P1, K4, P1 - repeat to end of round

Continue the pattern for the length of the foot.

Knit your favorite heel.

Continue the pattern for two repeats (8 rows) on the front of the socks and do stockinette at the back of the foot (first two needles).  This allows space for the heel.

After the 8 rows, I started the pattern all the way around the foot for the length of the leg.

Once you hit your desired length, it is time to cast off.  I did not want a regular rib cast off, but you sure can if that is what you want.  For something different, I did a picot cast off.  

After the fourth row of the mock cable - 

Rounds 1 and 2 - knit all the way around.

Loosely cast off with the picot stitch.  Here is a video to show the method -

I hope you give this a try and have fun knitting socks!  Please share any pictures! Oh and anyone wondering - this wonderful yarn is part of the Jurassic Park Collection from @yarnaceousfibers


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