Direct Warp Saori Rigid Heddle Loom

Hi Friends :) Today I thought I would share my way to direct warp a rigid heddle (RH) loom.  This works for any RH loom, including the Saori.  

all done

I am fairly new to weaving, having only been weaving for a few years.  I started with a Majacraft dynamic heddle loom and absolutely love that loom.  It works great with the art yarn that I love to spin.  If you are not familiar with the Majacraft loom, please check it out here.  It is really great for spinners and easy and comfortable.

For some reason, it was hard for me to transfer how I warped the Majacraft loom to the Saori loom, even though it is the same technique. For those familiar with Saori looms, you can purchase pre-wound warps from Saori.  Just put it on and warp it up - super simple! They are truly wonderful :) If you want a Saori Loom or warps or anything else, here is a link to Saori Dealers.  Reach out and ask them questions, they are all most wonderful people :)

Sometimes, you don't want to stick with pre-wound warps because you have specific colors or that random skein of beautiful yarn purchased on vacation just needs a project.  There are of course many ways to warp a loom and this is just one way that I like.  It goes fairly quickly, you don't have to mess with warping boards, and it is relaxing.  I know some folks hate warping and find it super tedious, but if you have patience and enjoy each string, it can be meditative - you know be in the moment and all :)

Things you need:

  • Saori Loom
  • Warp Extender
  • Warping peg
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hook

Ok, to start you have to pick out the yarn to use as the warp.  There is a ton of info about what makes a good warp, so I'm not going to go into that today.  I am using an 8/2 unmercerized cotton from Gist Yarns Fiesta Placemat Kit and plan to weave tea towels.  I have not done tea towels before so if any experienced weavers are all like "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!", its OK.  I am not concerned with it being perfect (which it is not :) its just the first try and the point is to learn. But seriously, aren't those colors fantastic!!!


Draw the yarn end through the reed and heddle from the front to the back and tie the end on the extender bar. I start in the middle and work out, usually going to the right first.  For this warp, I am not skipping or doing anything funky, just a straight warp. 

Once it's tied on, run the yarn out and around the warping peg, which is set out at the length you want the warp. Hook the yarn and pull through the next slot and heddle.  Since you have not cut it, two strings will be through that spot.

hook yarn and pull through from front to back

 pulling the yarn through the heddle

Cut the yarn and release the extra end.  Before anything, grab it and pull through the next slot in the reed and heddle.  With the two ends, tie them onto the extender bar.  Of course, you can tie on each end individually, it just takes a bit longer.

Once all the ends are tied and the warp it your desired width, it's time to wind on the warp.  Holding tension on the warp, wind the beam, adding paper to prevent the warp from sinking into itself.  I tend to go a bit nuts with the paper, but hey, don't we all have a ton saved from pre-wound warps? Leave enough room to tie on the front bar.

Moving to the front, cut the loops and tie the warp onto the front bar.  I just go in reasonable chunks.  

Then add some weft to even out the warp before you start with the weaving project. I use sections of yarn, each wider than the warp, because its much easier when finished to pull out pieces than one long yarn.


Here we are, all ready to weave!

Helpful Tips:

Unhook the peddles, it allows for more movement of the heddles.

Move reed slightly away from heddles for room to work.  I use a strip of sari silk, looped around the screw to hold the reed a distance from the heddles.

Hold both yarn ends in the hand with the hook.  Then you have a free hand to guide the yarn onto the hook.

You can see the reed slot easier if you look from behind.  Angle is important!


Easy Peasy, Right? How about a video? Someday I'll figure out how to embed them into the website.  For now, go to our FaceBook Page.  Be sure to follow Corn Creek Fiber on FaceBook and Instagram for the most current info.

Embrace the Mistakes ❤️ Joelle






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